My biggest challenge has always been to give live sound the quality of studio sound as much as possible.

I had the pleasure to work in some of the best music festivals around the world: Montreux Jazz Festival, Nice Jazz Festival, Sziget (Hungary), Monterrey (Mexico), Rocamadour (France)...

And also with artists such as Ana Salazar, with whom I worked for many years around the world with the project “Ana Salazar sings Edith Piaf”: Montreux, Nice, Mexico, France, Holland, Germany, Colombia, etc...), Javier Ruibal, Guillermo McGill (New York), Elbicho, La Shica (New York, Washington, Delhi, Turkey, Morocco, Romania, Germany...), Marwan (Spain), Bebe, Ele De Eme (Spain) ...etc

Ana Salazar - C. Branco Tour (Barcelona)

Antonio Serrano Tour Manchester Jazz Festival

Carmen Paris Tour

Cristina Branco Tour

Elbicho Tour

Elbicho Tour
(Guitarist Victor Iniesta)

La Shica Tour

La Shica Tour
(New York)

La Shica Tour

Marwan Tour

Nice Jazz Festival

With Ana Salazar, Cristina Branco and Josete Ordoñez